FLVS Full Time Dual Enrollment

FLVS Full Time is offering our full-time public school students an opportunity to take college courses and earn college credit through two different dual enrollment options, one with Polk State College and the other with the University of Florida. Credits earned through both programs will also apply toward high school graduation requirements.

The FLVS dual enrollment program with the University of Florida is full for the 2018-19 school year.

Information on dual enrollment through Polk State College is below.

Who is eligible?

Any Public sophomore, junior, or senior level student who meets the following criteria:

  • Has earned a minimum high school unweighted GPA of 3.0
  • Meet the minimum scores on a state approved placement test – see table below (scores from any of these tests is acceptable)

Please note: Students are not eligible for dual enrollment during their first semester with FLVS Full Time due to registration deadlines with Polk State College

If you intend to use SAT or ACT scores, please have an OFFICIAL test report sent to Polk State College; you can do this online through the respective ACT/SAT websites.

Please refer to the PERT information on this website for an explanation of scores.









Writing / English / Critical Reading




Mathematics (MAT 1033)




Mathematics (MAC 1105)




**Students must score college ready (MAC 1033 level or higher) in math to enroll in science courses.
** For higher level college math, adequate placement score or a grade of "C" or higher in the designated pre-requisite course is required.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Students MUST pass both PERT Reading and Writing to be able to take most college level courses. Students who only have a passing score on either the PERT Reading or Writing may only enroll in the following courses*:

  • SLS1101-College Success
  • CGS1061-Intro to Computers
  • CGS1100-Computer Applications for Business
  • OST1142C-Keyboarding I
  • OST1143C-Keyboarding II

*Students who have been identified as deficient in basic competencies in one of the areas of reading, writing, or mathematics, as determined by scores on a postsecondary readiness assessment shall not be permitted to enroll in college credit courses in curriculum areas precluded by the deficiency. Students may enroll in college credit courses that are not precluded by the deficiency; however, students may not earn more than twelve (12) college credit hours prior to the correction of all deficiencies. 

To schedule an appointment to test:

  • PERT - Contact your local community college; test fee required. If you will be testing at Broward College, please complete this form and bring it with you on test day. Students who will be taking the PERT in Duval County should register for the exam using the college website and then notify our testing manager, Mrs. Stevens at Please include in your e-mail:  Duval County PERT in the subject line, and your full name and date/time you will be taking the PERT exam in the body of the e-mail.  If you are re-taking the exam, you may want to include only the subject area you will be taking. Mrs. Stevens will then generate a ticket for you to test at the college. Click here to view the PERT Student Study Guide.
  • ACT - Test fee required. Visit
  • SAT - Test fee required. Visit

(CEEB code: 102414)

 Course Descriptions

 How to register:

1. Watch the recording - Click here to view a recorded informational session that will explain how to get started and what to expect when taking college level course.

2. Complete the Polk State Online Application for Admission - visit the Polk State College website to register.

3. Choose your course(s).

  • Students who have earned a minimum of six high school credits in core courses may take one college course per term.
  • Students who have earned a minimum of eight high school credits in core courses may take up to two college courses per term.
  • Students who have earned a minimum of 10 high school credits in core courses may take up to 11 college credit hours per term regardless of the number of courses.

~Review Course Offerings for Fall/Spring Session (the session for which you are registering).
~Click on "Search Open Courses" then choose applicable "Term" and "Instructional Model" (pure internet)*

**Please make sure to read the course description for any needed prerequisites (example: in order to take LIT 1000, you must have taken/passed ENC 1101 and ENC 1102).

The most common courses taken online include:

ENC1101 - English Comp I
ENC1102 - English Comp II
LIT1000 - Literature
BUL2241 - Business Law
HUM2020 - Humanities
HUM2310 - World Mythology
PSY2012 - General Psychology
MUL1010 - Music Appreciation
FIL1000 - Introduction to Film
WOH1012 - World Civilization to 1500
AMH1010 - US History 1607-1877
BSC1033 - Biological Issues
CET1174C – A+ Essentials

OST1142 - Microcomputer Keyboarding
HSC1101 - Wellness & Nutrition
MAT1033 - Intermediate Algebra
MAC1105 - College Algebra
ECO2023 - Microeconomics
ARH1050 - Intro to Art History
CJL2130 - Criminal Evidence and Procedures
SLS1101 - College Success
CGS1061 - Intro to Computers
CGS1100 - Computer Applications for Business
OST1142C - Keyboarding I
OST1143C - Keyboarding II

4. Complete both the Dual Enrollment Checklist and High School Approval form. Please make sure to list the course(s) you would like to take on this form, have student and parent sign, but leave the counselor and principal signature lines blank. Once complete, webmail or fax the completed forms to your counselor:

Mrs. Head - students with last names A-Col: (407) 377-8188
Mrs. Heinzmann - students with last names Com-Go: (407) 377-8332
Mr. Esposita - students with last names Gr-La: (407) 377-8274
Mrs. Lugo- students with last names Le-Or: (407) 377-8269
Ms. Jackson-Miller - students with last names Os-Sh: (407) 377-8343
Mrs. Walters - students with last names Si-Z: (407) 377-8342

Dual Enrollment Checklist - Download File
Dual Enrollment High School Approval Form - Download File

All dual enrollment forms (checklist and approval form) and test scores must be received by your school counselor by 5 p.m. on October 12, 2018. Please note: No late or incomplete forms will be considered.



All email correspondence with Polk State College should be sent to Ms. Simmi Johnson at

**Always include in the subject line: FLVS: (your complete name)


**Please DO NOT call the college; submit any questions you have to Ms. Johnson via email**

Specific FLVS Full Time questions can be sent through email to your FLVS Full Time school counselor.