Digital Course Licensing

FLVS courses are optimized to work seamlessly within the learning management system (LMS) of your choice, allowing content to be customized in a way that best suits your school and teachers. For schools and districts that do not have an LMS, we also offer our licensed LMS to save you the costs of maintaining and updating your own infrastructure.

As today’s classroom evolves, teachers remain the true key to student engagement and success. Our products are created to empower your teachers, not replace them. Schools use FLVS courses to maintain school budgets, expand curriculum, overcome space or staffing limitations, and personalize learning.

FLVS Empowers You To Unlock Student Learning:

  • Customize courses with discrete FLVS lessons not tied to course sequencing
  • Adaptively deploy personalized content with your LMS functionality
  • Deliver state-specific content created by FLVS
  • Customize lesson sequencing and navigation
  • Include open-source or teacher-created learning resources between FLVS lessons
  • Offer your students a seamless learning experience optimized to your LMS 

Aligned to national standards, our interactive curriculum includes NCAA-approved core courses, electives, honors, Advanced Placement, and Career & Technical Education. FLVS courses are designed to engage all types of students, including:

  • Advanced learners looking for a challenge
  • College and career-minded students
  • Amateur athletes and performers
  • Students trying to catch up or get ahead
  • Homebound youth or students unable to be physically present in a classroom

Our curriculum has been repeatedly tested and proven by FLVS, the largest state online public school in the nation. Our experience and flexible implementation options provide the tools you need to engage students, personalize instruction, and prepare learners for success.