Get ahead with college-level credit through FLVS. Free AP courses for Florida students.

Advanced Placement (AP) Courses with FLVS

AP courses are a great way to get a jump-start on college credit. An AP course is a college-level learning experience designed for high school students entering grades 9-12. You'll need to be willing to invest the time and effort in order to successfully complete the course, and course completion may result in earning college credit for high school coursework. These courses are used to calculate overall Grade Point Average (GPA) and typically count extra in the calculation. These courses are also available at no charge to Florida public school students, whereas they may have a tuition cost if taken in college. (S. 1003.02, F.S.)

If you are interested in taking an AP course with FLVS, talk with your school counselor about prerequisites and your readiness to take a college-level course. If you do not have a school counselor, click here for a list of FLVS counselors.

The AP Exam

While FLVS AP courses are designed for students to achieve college credit, a passing grade in the course will be accepted for high school credit. A letter from FLVS detailing your segment grade will be issued once course requirements are met. Colleges and universities determine credit based on your AP exam score, so we strongly encourage students who take AP courses to sit for the course AP exam* in May as part of the course experience.

* Students are exempt from fees or costs associated with AP exam participation, with the following two exceptions: students who incur late registration fees will be responsible for fee payment, and non-military family students who take the test outside the United States will be responsible for additional registration costs. Check with your Florida district to find the locations and dates for the spring exams.

AP Enrollment Dates

In order to successfully complete your AP course(s) prior to the AP exams in May, please ensure you adhere to the course registration dates.

Full-credit courses
Register by November 30, 2016

Half-credit courses
Register by January 31, 2017.

For a list of FLVS AP courses, or to sign up, visit our Course Catalog. For detailed information on FLVS policy related to AP courses, please view our district Student Progression Plan.

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