Florida Virtual School Offers Uninterrupted School Options for Families During COVID-19


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As school closures occur across the United States, parents all over the country are in the difficult position of finding a reputable option to continue their children’s education uninterrupted.

Florida Virtual School (FLVS) provides multiple solutions that help keep your child’s educational needs on track, not only during the COVID-19 pandemic, but after as well.

What options are offered by FLVS for my child?

1. FLVS Flex – A flexible online option

FLVS offers a flexible online option with enrollment year-round so students can start and finish a course when they want. It’s great for students in need of a flexible schedule such as athletes, those with medical needs, or students who need to catch up or want to get ahead. When enrolled in FLVS Flex, your child’s school of record will be maintained with the student’s home district or, if they are homeschooled, records are maintained by the parent. Not sure which classes to take? If you are looking to join FLVS Flex, please work with your school counselor or check our recommended Course Progression Guides

2. FLVS Full Time – A full-time K-12 online public school option

FLVS Full Time is a great choice for at-home and working parents that like the idea of online home education but may feel overwhelmed with traditional homeschool parent responsibilities – being the teacher, administrator, school counselor, and building out a curriculum for your child. FLVS Full Time is the school of record and takes care of all of these responsibilities for you. Learn more about the differences between FLVS Flex and FLVS Full Time.

3.  FLVS Global School – For students outside of Florida

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If you live outside of Florida and are looking to traditionally homeschool your child, Florida Virtual School can help you too. FLVS Global School has served students in all 50 states, is fully accredited and offers more than 140 virtual courses available 24/7.

Learn more about FLVS Flex, FLVS Full Time, FLVS Global Options

Who can enroll at FLVS?

FLVS serves all students in grades Kindergarten-12.

  • Public
  • Private
  • Charter
  • Homeschool

Why enroll my student with FLVS?

There are many reasons that parents/guardians enroll their children in Florida Virtual School, including more one-on-one attention for students, fewer distractions than traditional schools, and a robust curriculum that goes beyond what may be offered at traditional brick-and-mortar schools.

Today, with school closings across the U.S. and social distancing mandates, COVID-19 presents an entirely new set of challenges for parents who ask, “How do I provide education uninterrupted for my children to not fall behind?”

Florida Virtual School just may be the solution for you. Ready to enroll? View our options here.