Professional Development

FLVS provides employees top-notch, award winning training to ensure success during their first year of employment. Each employee is then charged with selecting developmental trainings to further their career and personal growth with the support of their leadership.

Our new hire employee training is a multi-phased process consisting of synchronous and asynchronous virtual training sessions. Our five-day new hire employee orientation breaks down the learning essentials including induction into the FLVS culture, an overview of FLVS programs, and technical and systems training. New Employee Training is coupled with department and position-specific training to maximize ongoing employee success.

FLVS is committed to providing relevant and actionable professional development opportunities that support research-based strategies proven to positively impact student outcomes. The Annual Professional Learning Conference is offered to extend learning experiences for instructional and support staff. This training allows team members to engage in educational skills-building activities that foster continuous improvement. Team members receive the latest in industry best practices and are collectively informed of organizational goals and strategies. The annual training event also provides the opportunity for face-to-face interaction with co-workers, which enhances relationships and helps to sustain high-performing virtual teams.

FLVS Learning Communities are a critical element to impact student success therefore collaborative learning experiences are a major component of the professional learning.  Collaborative learning contributes to sustained learning.  Opportunities are provided to assist instructors with effectively participating in Professional Learning Communities (PLC’S). Educators who are building a professional learning community recognize that they must work together to achieve their collective purpose of learning for all. Therefore, they create structures to promote a collaborative culture.  Training is provided to assist with developing effective learning communities. The training ensures that all instructors have a clear understanding of the definition of a PLC, identify their role when participating in the PLC and can identify ways to demonstrate behaviors that contribute to the success of an effective PLC.

Individualized professional development is available to all team members ranging from a Growth Mindset webinar and Leadership Skills Training to a book study, conferences, and seminars.  Training Specialists provide one-on-one coaching sessions to support employee’s professional growth and development.  Each team member meets monthly with his/her manager to discuss individual goals and professional development progress.  With more than 100 professional development hours offered, certified staff will not struggle to meet recertification requirements.