FAQs for Instructional Candidates

Job Details

The student load for a full-time instructor is on average 150-200 students.

Full-time instructors are expected to be available for their students from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m, Monday through Friday. However, this certainly doesn’t mean that our instructors work 12 hours each day. We pride ourselves on providing our instructors with the resources to maintain a great work/life balance. If hired with FLVS, you will work with your Instructional Leader to create a schedule that works for you by dedicating set time each day for grading, phone calls, emails with students and parents, and your personal time. The flexibility offered by online teaching allows our instructors to arrange their schedule during the day to accomplish both personal and job-oriented tasks as well as enjoy downtime.

Yes, all FLVS instructors are assigned a laptop. FLVS provides full-time instructors with a $62 biweekly connectivity stipend

Yes. Students enroll and complete courses at their own pace throughout the calendar year.

FLVS instructors report to an Instructional Leader or a School Principal. They are in constant contact with the teachers they oversee and are valuable resources for concerns and questions.

FLVS will meet any applicable accommodations on an IEP or 504 Plan that is shared with the FLVS teacher. FLVS also has ESE Specialists to assist teachers with strategies and resources when needed.

At this time, FLVS is only considering out-of-state candidates for our critical need subject areas, which fluctuate throughout the year based on student demand.

FLVS can hire anyone who is eligible for reemployment under the Florida Retirement System (FRS) guidelines.

Compensation & Benefits

Full-time 12 months Instructors are compensated $57,000 at the point of hire, paid in biweekly installments.  Full-time 10 months Instructors are compensated $47,500 at the point of hire, paid in biweekly installments.

Full-time employees are eligible for a review for the advanced degree supplement upon the employee’s hire date at FLVS.

The advanced degree cannot be the degree level required in the minimum qualifications for the position.  If a position requires a Master’s degree, then the employee is only eligible if the advanced degree is Specialist or above and meets the other eligibility requirements below.

Once approved, the supplement amount is broken out and paid in biweekly installments and is not part of base pay and will not be listed on the contract. The approved supplement continues and will be re-evaluated for eligibility any time the employee changes positions.

Payments for advanced degrees may be awarded upon receipt of an official transcript by Compensation, Human Resources and be retroactive to the employee’s hire date at FLVS; the date the degree was awarded; or the beginning of the current fiscal year, whichever is later.

  • Per State Statute, the degree major or specialization must align directly with one of the employee’s certifications to be eligible.

Employees must submit their official transcript to Compensation at for review. It is not an automatic process, although Compensation runs reports to monitor any possible eligible employees, however it is the employee’s responsibility to submit their official transcript to Compensation department for review.

  • 12-month Master’s degree - $2,500
  • 12-month Specialist degree - $4,000
  • 12-month Doctorate degree - $5,000

*Amounts are prorated for 10-month employees depending on number of contract days in that fiscal year.

Yes, we accept district-approved sick leave hours transferred from other districts. There is no cap amount of sick leave that can be transferred over from another school district to FLVS. The hours, however, will not be immediately available for use. Hours are accrued into your balance in eight-hour increments at the beginning of the month. You will need to contact your former district and request that your information be sent to FLVS.

No, tenure status does not transfer.

Yes, FLVS is an FRS employer and your “years of service” will follow you. While working with FLVS you may continue your participation in either the investment or pension plan option with FRS.

Yes, eligible FRS employees who work for FLVS may participate in DROP. FLVS does not offer a DROP extension beyond the max of 60 months.

FLVS does not offer support for the cost of applying for National Board Certification and there is currently no bonus incentive offered by the state to provide additional compensation.

Interview Process

Please log in to your profile to update your certification areas. You may also send an email to

FLVS instructors work with a variety of software and systems to support student needs. Microsoft Office Suite and Internet Explorer are just two of the most common. Computer proficiency is critical in order to be successful in the virtual environment.

The mandatory phone interview is an opportunity for one of our Talent Management associate to become familiar with your teaching background, philosophy, and skill set. You should be prepared to answer questions about your experience and provide examples.

The interview provides us with a chance to learn more about you before a final decision is made by either party. You will have the opportunity to interview with an Instructional Leader or School Principal. You should be prepared to answer questions about your experience and provide examples. 

Next Steps

Within 3-5 days of completing the interview process, you will receive an update via email.  

  1. You may be asked to complete an additional interview activity.
  2. You may be informed that you have not been selected for an instructional position.

There are a variety of reasons why an applicant may not be selected for a position with FLVS. We appreciate the passion, dedication, and hard work of all the teachers who apply to work on our instructional team. We have specific traits and skill sets, however, that we look for in order to ensure that a teacher will be successful in our unique virtual environment. Due to the number of applicants that we work with each week, we are not able to accommodate providing individualized feedback.

If a candidate applies for an instructional position and is not selected, we advise waiting at least a year before applying again for an instructional position at FLVS.