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Spotlights: Meet Our Students

FLVS Graduate Pursues Her Dreams Amid Adversity

High School

Behind the class of 2021 are years of notes and assignments, memories from student clubs and activities, and plenty of Zoom calls. Ahead of them is the opportunity to shape their future. And for recent FLVS graduate Maddy, it’s an opportunity to build a life for herself and her one-year-old daughter.

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Meet Delaney: An FLVS Student Turning Conservation into Recreation

Middle School

At age 13, Delaney is working to prevent the wasteful use of resources while helping the environment and the creatures that live in it. Being an online student with FLVS Flex has helped her accomplish her goals and allowed her to do what she loves.

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Ishika: FLVS Student & EngineerGirl Ambassador

High School

FLVS Flex student, Ishika has continued to put her passion for engineering into practice in and out of the virtual classroom–competing in science fairs and challenges, volunteering, and hosting camps for young children.

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FLVS served 240,000+ students taking online courses in 2019-20.

FLVS Curriculum: Behind the Scenes

Setting the Standard for Online Curriculum

FLVS has a well-documented history of success creating online courses.

Online Elementary Spanish, Technology, and More

FLVS Elementary School includes a robust collection of core and special courses that have been designed with young learners in mind.

Get to Know the Team Behind our Curriculum

Our curriculum specialists collaborate on engaging content, seeing concepts through to …

Explore 8 New Courses at FLVS

Our eight new courses will expand your world—and your learning.

What’s Happening Around FLVS?

FLVS Corkboard: Summer Highlights

Summer is just around the corner! Check out what’s happening at FLVS as the traditional school year nears an end.

Online Learning in 2021 and Beyond: Insights from FLVS Parents

It’s not surprising that with the end of the 2020-21 school year approaching, parents have a new take on online learning and how it fits into their families’ post-pandemic lives.

With the Flexibility to Dream Big, FLVS Graduate Aims for Harvard Law

FLVS student, Abigail Muller, plans to make history. With aspirations to be the youngest graduate from Harvard Law School in its 200-year existence.

Enrollment at Florida Virtual School Full Time is Now Open

Students can apply for the full-time program at Florida Virtual School (FLVS), while families that would like to incorporate one or more online courses as part of their education plan for the upcoming school year, can enroll in FLVS Flex year-round.

The Mindset That Sets Us Apart

Florida Virtual School (FLVS) does more than just talk about our values; we live them and rely on them to be the foundation of everything we do.

Advance to American Sign Language 2 Online with FLVS

Students can now enroll in American Sign Language (ASL) 2 with Florida Virtual School

Carmen and David Find Success with FLVS Global School

Meet Carmen and David, high school twins from Texas who are involved in activities ranging from music to agriculture.

Providing Equitable Opportunities in Rural America

Online learning bridges gaps, provides possibilities to students, and opens doors for students and schools around the world.

At the Core of Online Learning for Elementary

If your elementary student is new to Florida Virtual School (FLVS), you may have a lot of questions about our core subject courses—here’s everything you need to know!

Explore Clubs & Activities

Finding Connection through FLVS Student Clubs

As an online school, we know how important it is for our students to get involved outside of taking …

FLVS Students Host Second Online Game Jam

FLVS Coding Club hosted its second Online Game Jam—where students create playable games in under a day!

FLVS Artists in the Making!

There are many talented and budding artists at Florida Virtual School—check out their work!

FLVS Hosts 3rd Annual Geography Bee

Every year, FLVS Flex Geo Bee Club students participate in a National Geographic GeoBee competition.


FLVS offers 60+ clubs, including yearbook, drama, coding, and more!

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