FLVS Full Time Exceptional Student Education (ESE)

In accordance with Rule 6A-6.0334, F.A.C., if an exceptional education student who has an Individual Educational Plan (IEP) applies to enroll in a full-time virtual program, the virtual program will determine if the student meets the profile for success in this educational delivery context. At the time of applying for enrollment at FLVS Full Time, families will be asked to submit a copy of any existing IEP. If the student's IEP indicates that full-time virtual instruction is appropriate, and the student meets all other school enrollment criteria, then the student may be enrolled. All necessary ESE services and related services must be able to be delivered online in a virtual manner to students at FLVS Full Time. If comparable services are not available or not appropriate in a full-time online environment, or if FLVS Full Time has concerns that a full-time online setting may not be the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) for the student, then other educational options will be discussed during the application process. Please view the FLVS Full Time Handbook for more detailed information.

ESE Manager Contact Information

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