Bright Futures Scholarships

Florida Bright Futures established a lottery-funded scholarship program to reward any Florida high school graduate who:

  • Merits recognition of high academic achievement
  • Enrolls in a degree program, certificate program, or applied technology program at an eligible Florida public or private post-secondary education institution
  • Receives funding within 2 years of graduation from high school

The program offers three levels of scholarship awards – the Florida Academic Scholars award (FAS) (PDF), the Florida Medallion Scholars award (FMS) (PDF), and the Florida Gold Seal Vocational Scholars award (GSV) (PDF).

Bright Futures Online Application
Financial Aid/Bright Futures Recorded Webinar


General Requirements

  • Be a Florida resident
  • Earn a standard high school diploma
  • Accepted and enrolled in an eligible Florida public/private post-secondary school
  • Enrolled for at least six semester credit hours
  • Not have been found guilty of a felony
  • Apply for the scholarship in the last semester before graduation and complete an error-free Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA is no longer required, but highly recommended.

For information regarding Bright Futures requirements, please contact the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program at 1-888-827-2004, visit the Bright Futures website, or FloridaShines. Initial eligibility requirements are listed below.

Bright Futures Requirements

Type 16 High School Course Credits * High School Weighted Bright Futures GPA College Entrance Exams by High School Graduation Year (ACT®/SAT®) Service Hours
  • 4 - English
    (three must include substantial writing)
  • 4 - Mathematics
    (at or above the Algebra I level)
  • 3 - Natural Science
    (two must have substantial laboratory)
  • 3 - Social Science
  • 2 - World Language
    (sequential, in same language)
3.50 2019-20 Graduates: 29/1290
2020-21 Graduates: 29/1330
100 hours
FMS 3.0 2019-20 Graduates: 26/1170
2020-21 Graduates: 25/1210
75 hours

* The required coursework aligns with the State University System admission requirements found in Florida Board of Governors regulation 6.002.

Community Service Hours

Community Service is defined as identifying a social issue in the community. This requires students to look beyond themselves and reach out to an issue faced by our society (i.e. poverty, abuse, elderly citizen rights). These hours will meet the requirement for the Florida Academic Scholars, Florida Medallion Scholars or Gold Seal Vocational scholarships.

You must identify a social or civic issue or a professional area that interests you, develop a plan for your personal involvement in addressing the issue or learning about the area, and, through papers or other presentations, evaluate and reflect upon your experience. Except for credit earned through service-learning courses adopted pursuant to s. 1003.497, you may not receive remuneration or academic credit for the community service work performed. Such work may include, but is not limited to, a business or governmental internship, work for a nonprofit community service organization, or activities on behalf of a candidate for public office. The hours of community service must be documented in writing, and the document must be signed by you, your parent or guardian, and a representative of the organization for which you performed the community service work.

Volunteer Service is defined as assisting where needed and does not necessarily address a social issue. Although these hours are not recorded on the transcript, students can keep a log of these activities for use when applying for college, job applications, awards and scholarships but may not be used for Bright Futures. Only community service hours, as defined above, meet the requirement for Bright Futures.

To be eligible to receive one of the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Awards a student must complete a program of community service work that includes a minimum of hours:

Florida Academic Scholarship – 100 hours 
Florida Medallion Scholarship – 75 hours 
Gold Seal Vocational – 30 hours

  1. Carefully read through the FLVS Full Time Community Service Manual and identify an organization in your area that addresses a social issue for which you would like to perform your community service hours. You can use the link to to assist you in this search.
  2. Once you have identified an organization and a social issue to address, download the FLVS Full Time Community Service Program Student Application, complete it, and webmail or fax it to your assigned counselor. Your counselor must approve the community service plan before you begin earning community service hours, or your hours will not count towards the scholarship.

    Mrs. Head - students with last names A-Col: (407) 377-8188
    Mrs. Heinzmann - students with last names Com-Go: (407) 377-8332
    Mr. Esposita - students with last names Gr-La: (407) 377-8274
    Mrs. Lugo - students with last names Le-Or: (407) 377-8269
    Ms. Jackson-Miller - students with last names Os-Sh: (407) 377-8343
    Mrs. Walters - students with last names Si-Z: (407) 377-8342

  3. Once your counselor has given approval, you may begin your community service! Download the FLVS Full Time Community Service Program Student Service Log to log your hours, and make sure to get it signed/initialed by your supervisor for each one. Once you have logged all your hours and had those hours signed, you can then submit it to your counselor.