FLVS Flex - Policies & Procedures

Please view the FLVS Student Progression Plan (pdf) for information regarding instructional and district-level policies, including but not limited to:

  • FLVS Flex Instructional Policies for 6-12th grade (DBA, final exam, course withdrawal, enrollment requirements, etc.)
  • FLVS Flex Elementary Policies for Kindergarten-5th grade
  • Educational Opportunity for Military Children statement
  • District program descriptions
  • FLVS Full Time Elementary, Middle, and High School information (enrollment requirements, grading scale, articulation)


Please view the FLVS Student/Parent Handbook (pdf) for information regarding the student Code of Conduct and other information, including but not limited to:

  • Students fully excluded from a traditional district (expulsion)
  • FLVS Privacy Policy/FERPA Compliance
  • Bullying and Harassment Policy
  • Zero Tolerance Policy
  • Acceptable Use Policy