Planning for College

Admission into Florida’s public universities is competitive. Prospective students should complete a rigorous curriculum in high school and apply to more than one university to increase their chance for acceptance.

State University Admission Requirements

To qualify to enter one of Florida’s public universities, a first‐time‐in‐college student must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Evidence of completion of the 18 credits of college preparatory academic courses via transcript for home school students or diploma for public/private students
  • Admission test scores (SAT or ACT)

Links to the websites for all Florida public universities can be found by clicking here.

You may access the State University Admissions Matrix, which will show information about median SAT/ACT scores, GPA, acceptance rates, etc. by clicking here.

The Florida College System Career Colleges & Technical Schools

The Florida College system includes 28 state colleges. These institutions offer career‐related certificates and two‐year associate degrees that prepare students to transfer to a bachelor’s degree program or to enter jobs requiring specific skills. Many also offer baccalaureate degrees in high‐demand fields. Florida College System institutions have an open door policy. This means that students who have earned a standard high school diploma, have earned a high school equivalency diploma or have demonstrated success in postsecondary coursework will be admitted to an associate degree program.

Links to the websites for all Florida state colleges can be found by clicking here

Exploring your College Options

Big Future

This site is sponsored by The College Board and is free to all students. Explore your options: a self-inventory to help plan for college and career, college search, career search, and ideas on how to pay for education beyond high school. Click here to learn more.

College Navigator

Find colleges based on location, programs, tuition, distance learning, evening courses, and more. Save your favorites and compare up to four colleges. Click here to access the site. 

Career Colleges & Technical Schools

After high school, you can choose many different paths to continue your education. One path is to earn a certificate, degree, or diploma from a career college or technical school that will train you for a specific career, trade, or profession. Those schools train students for a variety of technical positions, including automotive technician, computer technician, hairstylist, medical assistant, truck driver, and many other fields. 

Click here to access further resources to prepare yourself for a job, skill, or trade.