Online Elementary School

What’s Elementary School Like Online?

Our courses are based on the Florida State Standards and taught by certified teachers who provide age-appropriate instruction and 1:1 support. During Class Time (live online interactive lessons), your child will be able to meet with classmates, participate in activities, and build relationships with their teachers and peers.

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Weekly Commitment

Icon of alarm clockAmount of Time

3-5 hours per core course
1 hour per specials course

Icon of hands typing at a keyboardNumber of Assignments
2-4 per core course
1 per specials course

Learning Activities

Icon of computer screenComputer-based
Attending Class Time, collaborating with classmates, reading, playing games, listening to audio clips, watching videos
Icon of paper airplane and pencilHands-on
Handwritten worksheets, coloring/matching worksheets, projects, performing experiments

Parent Responsibility

As a parent, you are an integral part of your child’s education. Although each FLVS course is led by a certified teacher who provides regular online instruction, elementary-aged students need additional guidance and support from their parents. Parents are expected to:

Icon of gear with silhouette of female headMonitor Student Daily
Icon of computer screen and calendarMaintain Weekly Progress
Icon of brainEnsure Content Mastery
Icon of hand touching tablet Help with Course Navigation

Try a Sample Lesson

Explore engaging content, interactive games, entertaining videos, and audio clips from our courses. For the full experience, try the printable worksheets and enrichment activities. Click below to get started!

Explore Ways Learning Comes Alive

Experience live instruction and learning both at the computer and through hands-on activities, as well as opportunities to explore interests and connect with teachers and classmates outside of the classroom.

Choose Your Option

FLVS Elementary offers the ability to balance unique family and educational needs.


A flexible online option for elementary families

  • Sign up for one or more subjects
  • Start anytime during the year with year-round enrollment (sign up at any time)
  • Take courses while attending a traditional school or as a homeschool student (state testing varies by student type)
  • Participate in Class Time (teacher-directed instruction)
  • Meet teachers and classmates through clubs, activities, and events
  • Records managed by traditional school or homeschool parent

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FLVS Full Time
Enrollment opens in May for the 2021-22 school year. Sign up to be notified.

A full-time online public elementary school

  • Enroll as a student taking all subjects
  • Follow a fixed school year schedule from August-June (daily attendance required)
  • Start at the beginning of the semester with spring and fall enrollment periods
  • Take all courses online with FLVS (state testing required)
  • Participate in Class Time (teacher-directed instruction)
  • Meet teachers and classmates through clubs, activities, and events
  • Receive official report cards as student’s school of record
Learn More about Full Time How to Enroll