Live Workshops

Live Workshops and Webinars

FLVS trainers and learning specialists have prepared an array of informative workshops and training to support every online parent and teacher. 

Several live training workshops are available now, giving you the opportunity to ask questions in real-time on a number of online learning subjects.

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Webinar Recordings

If you’ve missed one of our live sessions, all the webinars are available below.

Training administrators


Transitioning to Online Learning: A Crash Course for Administrators

Join the FLVS Global team to learn best practices for transitioning your school, or whole district quickly to an online learning atmosphere, to keep students learning virtually (35 min.)

Administrators looking at computer


Best Practices for Teachers and Administrators New to Online Instruction

Join the FLVS Global team to learn tips and tricks for supervising students in an online environment (35 min.)


Best Practices for Supporting Teachers, Students, and Yourself!

Join the FLVS Global team to learn tips and tricks for working from home and taking care of everyone! Session is for Admins looking to help instructors, or instructors new to online learning. (20 min.)

Mother and son looking at computer


New to Home Education

Homeschool requirements, course progression tools, student schedule tips and more (45 min.)

Father and daughter working on project


Transitioning to Online Learning: Best Practices for Parents

Learn about some best practices around expectations, work space, schedules, monitoring and breaks for you and your student as your transition to online learning (30 min.)

covid mental health

All audiences

COVID-19 and Mental Health

The outbreak and media coverage of COVID-19 may invoke a variety of emotions. Find ways to support yourself or your family (15 min.)

Mother and son working on school work


Middle School Study Skills for Homeschooled Students

Learn about how many classes you should take, when to study, what to focus on and how to organize your study time (30 min.)

Student on Laptop


Ready, Set, Go! What to Expect Your Senior Year

The FLVS Full Time school counselors review important information regarding what students should be doing their senior year (60 min.)

Student looking at DNA


Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment Information for Homeschoolers

Learn more about Dual Enrollment and Advanced Placement courses (30 min.)



Financial Aid Webinar

Learn more about financial planning for college. (45 min.)

Photo of graduation


College Placement Tests: Mastering the SAT and ACT

Learn all you need to know in order to master these tests (50 min.)

Desk with school supplies


FLVS Flex Grade 6-12 Information Session

Learn about our curriculum, daily schedules, expectations, educational resources, extracurricular opportunities and more (50 min.)