FLVS recruits and hires the best in these fields in order to continue developing, delivering, and supporting our groundbreaking education programs. Our extensive support staff helps with everyday operations, and supporting our teachers and students. There are a variety of positions that we offer outside of teaching.

The Analysis, Assessment and Accountability Department acts as a liaison to FLDOE and Florida School Districts. The Assessment side of the team provides education, administration and support for high-stakes, Advanced Placement and Industry Certification assessment practices as they relate to our students and FLVS. The Analysis side of the team transforms the Statewide and National assessment data into useful information, providing reports and support to all departments. The Accountability side of the team provides education, oversees and supports at the school and district level to ensure that State accountability standards and requirements are achieved and our stakeholders’ needs are being met.

The Board of Trustees is comprised of seven distinguished Florida citizens who are appointed by the Governor to provide the governance climate that ensures the success of FLVS. The Board of Trustees is responsible for the Florida Virtual School development of a state‐of‐the-art, technology‐based education delivery system that is cost‐effective, educationally sound, marketable, and capable of sustaining a self‐sufficient delivery system through the Florida Education Finance Program.

The office of the Board of Trustees includes the General Counsel, who oversees all legal matters as well as the department support staff which include the Board Clerk/Paralegal, Board Administrative Assistant as well as Professional Standards, Audit, Materials, Inventory, and Records Management teams.

Business Development & Sales Department has the main function of providing FLVS content and services outside the state of Florida – both throughout the United States and the world. FLVS currently has students completing classes in 60 countries throughout the world!

FLVS prides itself on providing an innovative cutting-edge educational experience. Our Curriculum Product Innovation Department plays a significant role in ensuring the continued success of the organization’s innovation. Our Curriculum team oversees the specification, creation, and maintenance of student learning experiences and assessment. The team is a partnership of content experts and their leadership who ensure all FLVS students receive high quality, technology-based educational opportunities to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed.

The role of the Business Services Department is to provide the core business functions for the district with efficiency and effectiveness in all areas while maintaining necessary fiscal and internal controls. The department is led by the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), who reports to the President and CEO. The Business Services Department is comprised of four areas: Accounting Services, Budget Services, Grants Management, and Student FTE Administration.

The Government Affairs & Strategic Solutions Department is charged with educating government agencies, lawmakers, and other key stakeholders on issues that coincide with our mission to deliver high quality, technology-based education. We work to keep our stakeholders informed about FLVS and the need of student choice.

FLVS is proud to offer a full-service Information Technology Department, something not often found in the education industry. This full-service approach creates many career opportunities in a fast-paced, adaptive environment focused on supporting the needs of our students as the organization continues to rapidly expand.

The Instructional Department provides instructional support and services necessary for ensuring students receive high quality educational opportunities at all phases of their FLVS experience. The Enrollment, Quality Assurance, Academic Integrity, Student Activities, Student Services, and School Counselor teams provide a variety of services to our instructors and students to enhance their FLVS experience.

The Marketing and Communications Department is the strategic marketing, internal and external communications, and community engagement arm of FLVS. The department is charged with keeping school and district staff, students, parents, private schools home education students, and the public informed about FLVS programs and initiatives. This team develops and publicizes key messages and creates relationships driving student enrollment and district partnerships to FLVS.

The FLVS Talent Management Department encompasses both Human Resources and Professional Development. The Human Resources Department recruits and supports the ever-growing team of staff members at FLVS. Our outstanding HR Dept. is comprised of different functional areas: Shared Services, Compliance, and Compensation & Benefits. The Professional Development team is dedicated to providing extensive training to both new employees and current employees by offering a wide variety of resources and professional development opportunities. Working closely with Leadership and management across the organization, the Professional Development Dept. strives to provide resources and activities to meet the performance goals set by each individual. In addition, the department provides training opportunities for Franchises and clients.