Webinars (Grades 6-12)

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Have you ever wondered who decides the music behind your favorite video game? Have you ever wondered how the cheering of the fans in the stands of your favorite football game can sound so lifelike? Aaron Cendan is a Senior Technical Audio Designer for Relic Entertainment, SEGA's studio in Vancouver BC, and is currently working on games like Age of Empires and Company of Heroes. Aaron will be joining us for our new webcast series “On Air: The Future of Careers Student Webcast”. Lead by your fellow FLVS students, come learn about this exciting industry and what it takes to become a part of creating your favorite video game! 

Are you Homeschooled, in 8th – 10th Grade, and interested in Dual Enrollment? Join the FLVS Flex School Counseling team to learn what Dual Enrollment is, how to prepare for this opportunity and how to apply once you are ready. 

Are you a student athlete? Have you ever dreamed of playing Division 1 athletics in college? Do you need to know more about NCAA eligibility? We discuss what it takes to be eligible to play NCAA sports and how you can make the most out of your high school years as a student athlete!  

Hosted by Full Sail Team members who will provide an overview of Full Sail’s real-world approach to education and a LIVE walking tour of the campus facilities, including studios and creative spaces!


How much do you know about the Internet? From social networking, direct messaging and gaming to email and downloads, do you know how to make safe decisions on the internet? Join the FLVS Flex School Counselors and expert in the field, Corporal John Martinez of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office as he teaches us about awareness online, how to avoid traps to online safety and more! 

Do you have questions about college placement tests? How do you register? Which exam should you take? How do you prepare? Check out this recording that will teach you all you need to know to take on these tests!

Time to start thinking about your future?  You’re almost finished with high school… what? Explore your postsecondary options.  Explore your values, interests and skills to help you identify potential career paths.

How do home school students graduate? What documents will I need to be admitted to college/university as a home education student? Check out this School Counselor Minute for answers to your home ed graduation questions!

Learn about Community Service Hours and how to document hours as a Homeschool student.

Learn about annual evaluations required for Home Education students in the state of Florida.

Learn about Florida state testing options for your home school student and how to register if you choose to have them take state tests.

Learn how to write a college admission essay that will get noticed! Check out the 2021 prompts for the Common and Coalition App and learn tips and tricks that will help your essay to stand out against the rest!

Would you like to create a resume? Learn all about the different parts of a resume, best practices for creating a resume that will "pop" and how to avoid pitfalls! Also, learn about letters of recommendation and how best to ask for letters from your supporters!

So, you know where you want to go to college and now it is time to apply! What do you need to complete your admission application? Learn about the Common App, Coalition App and more to be prepared to submit your college applications!

Special guest Pete Hernandez from the Florida Office of Student Financial Assistance shares all the 2021-2022 financial aid updates! From FAFSA to Bright Future Scholarships, you can learn all about the financial aid process!

Unsure of your plans after high school? Learn about how to search for the college/university that best fits you and your future goals!

So you’ve decided to homeschool your student, but you aren’t sure where to start?  We’ll walk you through how to register with your Home Education office, how to create your account, how to approve your courses and how to upload your proof of residency.  Learn more about how to choose your courses and how your amazing school counselors can help you through this process. 

Todo lo que tiene que saber para entender la información en el récord de calificaciones de su estudiante en FLVS Flex. 

La evaluación anual es una responsabilidad de todos los padres de estudiantes en el hogar.  Aprenda que tiene que hacer.