Career Webinars

These sessions will focus on the skills and educational background needed to perform in a variety of professions in today's society. Participants will have an opportunity to "meet" people from the following career clusters, ask questions, and learn what is needed to "get hired" in today's competitive job market.

FLVS Career Webinars are offered as informational sessions to promote career exploration. They are offered in good faith and the information provided by our guests is believed to be accurate. FLVS does not support or endorse any one career program.

2012: Past Recorded Sessions

3rd Annual STEM Career Fair.
The Florida Department of Education and Florida Virtual School are hosted the STEM (Science, Engineering, Technology, and Math) Virtual Career Days on May 1 & 3. STEM careers exist in every field and during this virtual event, students can learn more from a variety of experts. The presenters will provided a typical “day in the life” overview of their roles, as well as provided career-related information and advice. Click on a link below to view the recording.

2011: Past Recorded Sessions

DOE / FLVS Sponsored STEM Career Fair Recording:
Listen to doctors, marine biologists, chemists, musicians and others talk about their professions and how they use Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math in their careers. Listen to Recording

2010: Past Recorded Sessions

Got Game?:
Are you interested in working in the Computer/Gaming industry? We have a great opportunity for you to learn more about this career field! Please join us on December 7th at 6:00 pm EST to hear a live interview with individuals including: Dan White, CEO of Filament Games, Rogier van Etten, Project Manager at 360Ed, and Jerry Henegan - Managing Director - Virtual Heroes. 360Ed has been instrumental in creating several FLVS courses including Conspiracy Code. Our guests will give you an overview what they do, as well as answer questions you may have about this career path. Listen to Recording

DOE / FLVS Sponsored STEM Career Fair Recording:
Listen to doctors, marine biologists, chemists, musicians and others talk about their professions and how they use Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math in their careers. Listen to Recording

Special Guests: Jason Rajtar, Software Design Engineer in Test for Microsoft; Ted Werner, Prototype Machinist, Hendricks Motorsports (supports NASCAR's Jeff Gordon Team); Carol Fortier, Crime Lab Technician, Coral Springs Police Department; Dr. Christine Landry, Surgeon in Oncology and Endocrinology at University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. Listen to Recording

Are you interested in the Military? Do you ever wonder what kind of jobs are available in the Army? Listen to this webinar and learn about Military Careers. Listen to Recording.

2009: Past Recorded Sessions

AGRICULTURE, FOOD & NATURAL SCIENCE: Guest Speakers: Doug Green of Green Heron Landscapes, Brian Pope from Lubee Bat Conservancy,and Mary Alice Fish with Deroose Plants. Listen to Recording

ARCHITECTURE AND CONSTRUCTION: Guest Speakers: Bryan Lunsford-Superintendent at Brasfield and Gorrie General Contractors; Wiatt Bowers-Urban Planner at PBS&J, Jacksonville; and Luis Rendon- Architect at Dyehouse Comeriato Architect. Listen to Recording

BUSINESS, MANAGEMENT, ADMINISTRATION & FINANCE: Special Guests: Nancy Mallison, Florida Virtual School ; Terry Schurman, Wachovia Securities ; Steven Thagard, Northwestern Mutual. Listen to recording.

SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, MATHEMATICS, EDUCATION & TRAINING: Special Guests: Gus Koerner - County Extension Manager for the 4H Program with University of Florida's Cooperative Extension System and Franklin Jamerson - Senior Water Plant Superintendent. Listen to recording.

HEALTH SCIENCE: Special Guests: Jonathan W Decker, MSN, ARNP, PhD-c Research Scientist and Nurse University of Central Florida College of Nursing; Dr. Joe Alexander, Radiologist; and Melissa Lee ER Nurse Holy Cross Hospital
Fort Lauderdale, FL. Listen to recording

Linking Your Career Path to Your Personality & Interests
Want to know more about yourself and the types of careers that suit your interests and personality? Need some tools and resources to explore these careers? Join Josh Foster, Career Coach with Help You Grow Coaching. Listen to recording

NOTE: Although not necessary, we recommend visiting the following sites beforehand and take the interest inventory and personality profile.

2008: Past Recorded Sessions

Miami Newsman, & Cameraman. Listen to Recording

Senator Stephen Wise and other experts in law, public safety, corrections and security, and public administration! Listen to Recording

Special Guests: Michael G. Frino, Territory Manager, Boston Scientific Corporation, Bethany Alvanos, Marketing Manager, FLVS, Wendy Robertson, Owner/Operator of Goddess Catering. Listen to Recording.

MANUFACTURING, TRANSPORTATION, DISTRIBUTION & LOGISTICS: Guest Speakers: Flight Attendant with Delta Airlines, owner of Jet Machine and Design Inc., and president of Hempstead Consulting and past VP of Airborne and DHL.
Listen to Recording

Listen to short 5-8 minute talks by professionals working in the following fields: