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Academic Integrity 
Paying someone to cheat is illegal. A new law passed in 2012 made it a crime for any person to take an online course or exam on behalf of someone else for compensation. Click here to learn more in an important memo from FLVS Chief Officer of Education Transformation, Pam Birtolo.

A Core Value

Academic Integrity is one of our core values and one of the most important areas of focus as a learning organization. Students with Academic Integrity make decisions based on ethics and values that will prepare them to be productive and ethical citizens.

Academic Integrity: the FLVS Non-Negotiable

This paper explains the tools we use in dealing with integrity, definitions, roles and responsibilities of all parties along with the matrix of integrity interventions. Please download and save this document for future reference.
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Proctored Exams

All students sign the 'I Agree' page during course registration in which the student agrees to abide by the policies and procedures of FLVS. Included in FLVS policies is the administration of proctored exams. Proctored exams can be requested by teachers at any time and for any reason in an effort to insure academic integrity. FLVS also instituted a program to regularly administer proctored exams to randomly selected students. For more information, please see the Random Proctored Exam Frequently Asked Questions page.

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Reporting Procedure

If you would like to report an academic integrity situation please call the following number or send an email to the address below. Please discuss as much of the following information as you are able: Student Name, Course Name, High School or County, Teacher Name and situation. We appreciate you taking the time to report this situation and assisting FLVS with Academic Integrity.

Academic Integrity Hotline:

407-513-3341 or 866-943-3050 (toll free)

Academic Integrity Email Address:

Random Proctored Exams FAQ

How was I selected to take a proctored exam?
Each week, the FLVS Academic Integrity Department runs a report to identify students who are between 70% and 80% complete in their course. The spreadsheet rows with student names are matched with random numbers created from a website that generates random numbers. Students with a matching number are contacted to schedule a proctored exam. All students, public school, private school, and home-schooled, are eligible to be selected.

How many Florida Virtual School students are randomly selected to take a proctored exam?
The percent varies but our current goal is approximately 10 – 15% of all students. FLVS intends to increase the number of random and required proctoring in the coming year. Students should expect to be selected to take proctored segment exams as they continue to take FLVS courses in the future.

Does random proctoring impact the student's pace or completion expectations?
The exam will not be scheduled until the student is ready. FLVS does not rush or slow the student's completion date as result of the proctored exam.

If selected, do I have to take the proctored exam?
During course registration, all students sign an 'I Agree' statement to take a proctored exam at any time, if requested. Registration is not complete unless the 'I Agree' statement is completed. Therefore, 100% of active students have signed the statement. Students who refuse to take a proctored exam will not receive course credit and will be issued a failing grade.

Where does proctoring take place and with whom?
The proctored exam often takes place at the local library with one of our FLVS faculty members or proctors. Only the segment exams are proctored.

Is there an alternative to proctoring at a library?
In certain cases, yes. FLVS provides an option for students to use '' for the exam. The student must have a web camera and high speed internet access. A systems test can be processed to determine if the internet speed is sufficient. Web proctoring is convenient as it allows the student to schedule an exam during a 20 hour per day, seven days per week window.

What are the expectations for successful exam assessment completion?
For all segment exams, regardless of whether or not they are proctored randomly or taken in the district schools or at home, students must pass the segment exams with at least a 60% in order to earn course credit. Students who don't score at least 60% will be given one opportunity to remediate by attending tutoring or help sessions and by working with their instructor. They are then permitted to retest one additional time. If students were proctored the first time, they will be proctored again. In either case, a second retest must be passed or the student will earn a failing grade for the course segment. The exception to this is if proctoring is required due to repeat or flagrant academic integrity concerns. In those cases, proctored exams only take place one time with the final score being the determination as to whether or not a passing grade is awarded.

Are testing requirements different for proctored exams than they are for non-proctored exams?
Students are permitted to use the same resources (notes, approved calculators, notebooks, etc.) during a proctored exam as they are during a non-proctored exam.

Is it completely random?
Yes, weekly, reports are processed to identify students who are actively completing courses with us. These reports are not based on any particular course, district, grade level or demographic information. Only student names and enrollments status is processed. When students are near 70 – 80% complete, we notify them of their upcoming required random proctored segment exam.

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