How Does FLVS Work?

FLVS students learn by choosing a path that works best for them. Our teachers and coursework are just as real as the grades and tailored learning they provide, with regular online lessons and teacher calls providing time to check in and ask questions. Whether students follow a traditional school year schedule or a more flexible pace, guidance is always available.

We believe freedom and flexibility empower our students to succeed. Given the many choices we offer, we’re here to help students and parents explore our options and create a personalized educational plan that fits your unique needs.

Browse Options for Students

Looking for innovative tools to empower your teachers and engage your students? FLVS can help. We provide teacher-driven, student-centric solutions to help blend digital learning into your classrooms. FLVS started as a school and today we are more. We are proud to serve students, schools, and districts both in Florida and around the world.

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Who Uses FLVS?

Our students are as diverse as the courses they take. They’re:

  • Advanced learners looking for a challenge
  • College and career-minded students
  • Homeschool students
  • Children in military or overseas families
  • Amateur athletes and performers
  • Students trying to catch up
  • Homebound youth
  • Individuals seeking supportive, student-driven learning

FLVS is Personal

FLVS pairs digital learning with individualized attention. Our students can reach their teachers directly via phone, text, email, and more. For our middle and high schoolers, teachers lead exams online and discussion-based assessments over the phone. On the elementary level, teachers and parents partner to help students succeed as they participate in live lessons and engaging activities.

Aside from direct access to FLVS teachers, we offer our students opportunities to connect with one another. FLVS students can enjoy more than 30 student clubs that meet both online and face to face.