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Whether you’re looking to take one or all of your courses online, our Kindergarten-12th grade educational options are designed to fit into your life and meet your unique learning needs while keeping you safe at home.

Learning Meets Life at Florida Virtual School

Fully accredited by Cognia, Florida Virtual School is tuition-free to Florida students and provides support with one-on-one instruction from dedicated, certified teachers on your schedule, 24/7. Learning meets life with our many online student clubs and activities that will keep you connected and engaged throughout the school year.

How It Works

Personalized instruction and 1:1 support from Florida-certified teachers and professional school counselors

Live online lessons with direct instruction and classmate collaboration

190+ courses designed to ensure students understand key concepts and ideas

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Our Options


A flexible online option for students to take one or more courses from home.

  • Students take one or more courses online while attending a traditional school or as a registered homeschool student
  • Follow a flexible schedule
  • Start courses anytime during the year with year-round enrollment

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FLVS Full Time

A full-time online public school for students who want to learn from home.

  • Students take all courses online and are not enrolled in any other school
  • Follow a fixed school year calendar from August-June with enrollment periods in fall and spring
  • State of Florida diploma issued to students meeting graduation requirements
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