1-on-1 Support.
No Classroom Required.

Let’s be honest, your student gets a lot done online. From socializing with their friends to learning how to code. At Florida Virtual School, they can take the courses they need, grow with supportive teachers, and connect with their classmates—no physical classroom required.

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What’s Florida Virtual School Actually Like?

190+ Courses

With the flexibility to work from the comfort of home or anywhere life takes your family.

1-on-1 Support

From Florida-certified teachers and school counselors who are here to support your family’s goals.

60+ Student Clubs

Get social and create connections with classmates through Book Clubs, Video Gaming Clubs, and everything in between.

Hear From Current Students & Parents

Enrollment Options


A flexible online option for students to take one or more courses from home.

  • Students take one or more courses online while attending a traditional school or as a registered homeschool student
  • Follow a flexible schedule
  • Start courses anytime during the year with year-round enrollment

How to Enroll in FLVS Flex Learn More About FLVS Flex 

FLVS Full Time

A full-time online public school for students who want to learn from home.

  • Students take all courses online and are not enrolled in any other school
  • Follow a fixed school year calendar from August-June with enrollment periods in fall and spring
  • State of Florida diploma issued to students meeting graduation requirements
How to Enroll in FLVS Full Time Learn More About FLVS Full Time 

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