Celebrate Computer Science with FLVS

Get ready for Computer Science Education Week, FLVS-style! This year, we’re extending the celebration with activities and events to help students explore the important role technology plays in our lives and our futures. From contests to clubs, FLVS offers all kinds of opportunities to learn about coding and digital literacy, including online technology courses that develop the skills students need for the careers of tomorrow.

Ready to get started? Enter our contest below and explore other ways to get involved. 

#FLVSCodes Contest

We want to see how our students are engaging in computer science! To recognize our tech-savvy students, FLVS is hosting an online contest from Dec. 3, 2018 – Jan. 14, 2019. Three lucky students will be chosen to win an iPad: one in elementary, one in middle, and one in high school. 

How to Enter

Submit a photo or video that showcases your love for computer science. Here are a few ideas to get started:  

  • Participate in an Hour of Code
  • Complete a STEM-related assignment or project
  • Attend an online Technology or Coding Club event
  • Show critical thinking skills gained in your technology course

Valid entries will be featured on FLVS social media, with approved entries added to the FLVS Facebook page every Friday.

Submit Your Entry

Students must be shown participating in their technology course, coding, or a related activity in a brief video clip or photo.

#FLVSCodes Instagram Feed

Keep the conversation going with #FLVSCodes to be featured by FLVS during the contest. Be sure to tag us in your Instagram stories and posts!

FLVS Technology Courses

Ready to learn more about technology and coding? FLVS offers a variety of elementary, middle, and high school technology courses that teach the fundamentals to the more advanced. Topics range from basic computer science, keyboarding, and coding to higher-level concepts in web design, user interface, and programming. Advanced students can even get certified with our industry certification prep courses.

Explore a few of our courses below and try your hand at some coding activities pulled right from our courses! 

Find Out Your Programmer Type

What type of programmer are you? Find out by taking the quiz below. 


Computer Science Week Activities

Students are invited to a week of computer science events!

Hour of Code - Day 1

Attend events hosted by Tech Club and others to learn about coding, Minecraft, and more!

Hour of Code - Day 2

Join us for computer science fun, meet women in coding, and crunch numbers with code.

Hour of Code - Day 3

Explore the benefits of learning how to code and find coding in unexpected places. 

Hour of Code - Day 4

Join us as we wrap up the week discussing digital literacy.

FLVS Technology Clubs

Are you interested in creating websites, programming, or other forms of technology? Our STEM and technology clubs allow students to use and develop technology skills. Create your own computer programs, participate in robotics challenges, and share your ideas with classmates.

Here are just a few of the clubs that we offer! 

Elementary School

  • Coding Club
  • Robotics Club
  • STEM Club
  • TV Production

Middle & High School

  • Coding Club
  • STEM/Science Club
  • Technology Club
  • Video Production Club
Learn More


Cool Coders

Check out these cool coders featured in the new FLVS Procedural Programming course!