FLVS Global School

FLVS Global School

If you’re a middle or high school student looking for the flexible pace that online courses can provide, we’ve got you covered. FLVS Global School offers public, private, or homeschool students more than 180 courses—including NCAA-approved core, elective, honors, and AP classes—in all 50 states and more than 65 countries. 

With rolling enrollment and courses available 24/7 online, you can study any time and any place you’d like as you meet national and state standards. Plus, at just $400 for one semester and $800 for two,* our uniquely flexible learning is within your reach.

*Prices vary for credit recovery courses and international students. Visit our registration system to find the price for the specific course of your choice.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Step 1
Browse our courses.
Step 2
Check that you’ve taken all necessary prerequisites.
Step 3
Review our computer tech requirements.
Step 4
Watch the FLVS Quick Start videos.
Step 5
Once assigned to a course, work with your teacher to choose a pace that's right for you.