Florida Virtual School Mascot Design Contest

We are excited to announce the winners of the Florida Virtual School Mascot Design Contest:

Elementary School

Shark Submitted by Elena R. 

Middle School

Owl Submitted by Arina D. 

High School

Phoenix Submitted by Mylee S. 
      Elementary Winner Shark  Middle School Winner Owl  MicrosoftTeams-image (3)

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone who participated—we hope you had as much fun as we did!

So what happens next? Using the winning entries as inspiration, our expert design team will create the final versions of the new mascots. Stay tuned for the official unveiling of our new mascots this spring!

The objective of the Mascot Design Contest (the “Contest”) is to submit a design concept including a sketch or rendering and a description of its community value and how it inspires and fosters Florida Virtual School (“FLVS”) school spirit and pride.

Official Contest Rules and Procedures

The Contest is sponsored by FLVS.  FLVS invites eligible entrants to one (1) mascot design concept for each FLVS School:  FLVS Full Time K-5, FLVS Full Time 6-8, and FLVS Full Time 9-12.   Entrants are given the opportunity to submit a design concept, including a sketch or rendering, and description (“Entry”). Entries will be judged by the FLVS President and Chief Executive Officer (the “Judge”) One person will determine the top three (3) finalists for each FLVS School, and then the three (3) finalists for each FLVS School will be voted on by the public as described below. 

1. Eligibility

The Contest is open only to FLVS students (students younger than 18 also need parent/guardian consent), FLVS parents/guardians, FLVS alumni, and FLVS employees. 

2. Submission Guidelines

    ● Design concept and written description can be submitted at
    ● Submissions are due no later than Friday, October 29, 2021 at 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST).
    ● Entries must follow the Visual Design Concept, Written Description and additional requirements, as shown below.
    ● Entrants may submit one (1) submission for each of the three (3) FLVS Schools (FLVS Full Time K-5, FLVS Full Time 6-8, and FLVS Full Time 9-12). Each design concept must be submitted as a separate Entry. 
    ● Each Entry should include the following: 
      ○ Identify the intended FLVS School (FLVS Full Time K-5, FLVS Full Time 6-8, and/or FLVS Full Time 9-12)
      ○ Visual Design Concept in the form of a graphic, sketch or rendering; and 
      ○ Written description of the Visual Design Concept’s value to inspires and foster the FLVS School’s spirit and pride.
3. Visual Design Concept

    ● Graphic, sketch or rendering submitted in any of the following formats:  AI, PDF, GIF, PNG or Jpeg up to 5MB. 
    ● Mascot design concept should include a full body; the Visual Design Concept should not cut off at knees, waist or shoulders.
    ● Mascot design concept should have the ability to maintain its legibility when being manipulated to fit very large (billboard) and very small (business cards) spaces.
    ● Mascot design concept must include the term “FLVS” in the design.
    ● Mascot design concept must be unisex.

4. Written Description

    ● A short (200 words or less) explanation of the mascot’s story; the mascot’s purpose and/or values, how the mascot inspires and fosters school spirit and pride, and why the concept should be chosen to represent the FLVS School (e.g., FLVS Full Time K-5, FLVS Full Time 6-8, and FLVS Full Time 9-12).

5. Additional Requirements 

    ● Entrants may NOT post their submissions on public sharing platforms, such as, DeviantArt, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, etc., until an official winner has been announced on FLVS channels. Violators will be disqualified from the Contest.
    ● All entrants must submit original creative work.
    ● Modifying, enhancing or altering a third party’s preexisting work does not qualify as the entrant’s original creation, and will result in disqualification. 
    ● Submissions may not include brand names, logos or trademarks.
    ● Submissions must not include likeness of celebrities or other public figures.
    ● Submissions must not reference any groups of people, any person (living or deceased), or any specific culture(s).

6. Judge

    ● The Judge will judge eligible submissions, and the Judge may be assisted by a fact-finding committee.
    ● The Judge will select the top three (3) submissions for each FLVS School (FLVS Full Time K-5, FLVS Full Time 6-8, and FLVS Full Time 9-12).
    ● The Judge is entitled to review each entrant’s Contest eligibility. If an entrant is disqualified from the Contest in accordance with these rules or if an entrant has made any false statements in the submission, then the Judge has the right to cancel the entrant’s participation at any stage of the Contest.

7. Contest Schedule

The Contest begins on October 4, 2021 and submissions can be entered through 5:00 p.m. on October 29, 2021 for each FLVS School (FLVS Full Time K-5, FLVS Full Time 6-8, and FLVS Full Time 9-12) .

    ● Round 1 – The Judge selects the top three (3) submissions for each FLVS School. The top three finalists for each FLVS School will be notified and announced on November 9, 2021.
    ● Round 2 – The public will be able to vote for their favorite Entry for each FLVS School at beginning at 8:00 a.m. EST on November 9, 2021 through 5:00 p.m.  EST on November 17, 2021. 
    ● There is a maximum of one vote for each FLVS School per email address.
    ● FLVS will announce each FLVS School winner on November 19, 2021.
    ● There will be one winner selected for each FLVS School.

8. Contest Prize

    ● Winning entries will be eligible for following prizes:
      ○ FLVS Full Time K-5 Visual Design Concept -$ 100.00 – Amazon Gift Card
      ○ FLVS Full Time 6-8 Visual Design Contest -$ 100.00 – Amazon Gift Card
      ○ FLVS Full Time 9-12 Visual Design Contest -$ 100.00 – Amazon Gift Card

9. General Rules

By entering this Contest, each entrant (“I”), as well as the entrant’s parent(s) and/or guardian(s) if the entrant is under the age of eighteen (18), agrees to the following:

    ● I read the Rules and shall fully comply.
    ● I wish to submit my Entry for the Contest.  If I am a student, I understand that this Contest is a voluntary extra-curricular activity.
    ● My Entry fully complies with the Rules and meets the requirements and guidelines stated in the Rules.
    ● I am the sole creator and author of my Entry.
    ● My Entry is a completely original work of my own and has not been copied, modified, or derived from any other source.
    ● My Entry is not obscene or libelous and is not a knowing violation of the rights of others.
    ● My Entry does not violate or infringe upon the rights of any third party, including but not limited to rights of publicity and/or intellectual property rights such as trademarks and/or copyrights.
    ● If my Entry is selected as the winning Entry (for the applicable FLVS school), then I hereby assign and transfer all of my right, title, and interest in and to the Entry to FLVS, including but not limited to any and all accrued causes of action and goodwill therein (the “Assignment”).
    ● I waive all moral rights and rights of attribution in and to the Entry.
    ● As the owner of the Entry, I understand and agree that FLVS may use, publish, modify, change, or display my Entry in any way it sees fit and in any medium it chooses throughout the world. 
    ● I understand and agree that, as the owner of the Entry, FLVS may register my Entry for trademark, service mark, or copyright purposes, and/or transfer it to a third party.
    ● I agree to complete, sign, and execute any other documents reasonably requested by FLVS in furtherance of the Contest, Rules, and/or Assignment at no cost to FLVS.
    ● I grant FLVS the irrevocable right to use my personal identifying information, including but not limited to my name, likeness, signature, persona, stage name, picture, sound, and/or photograph, throughout the world for promotional purposes in connection with the Assignment, Contest and my Entry, including but not limited to for advertising, promotion, merchandise, publications, books, pictures, photos, video recordings, audio recordings, digital images, statements, and/or any other form of media.
    ● I understand that I will not receive any money, payment, royalties, or compensation of any kind from FLVS for my agreement to these Rules, the Assignment, my Entry, and/or for all the rights to the Entry unless my Entry is selected as the winning Entry as detailed herein. If my Entry is selected as the winning Entry, I understand that I will be eligible to receive the Contest prize listed above. 
    ● I agree that being considered to win one of the Contest prizes is sufficient consideration for my compliance with the Rules, entering this Contest, the Assignment, and my agreement to all of the terms herein.  If my Entry is selected as the winning Entry, then I agree that my receipt of the Contest prize is sufficient consideration for Assignment of my Entry to FLVS and for my execution of additional documents reasonably required by FLVS for my assignment of my Entry to FLVS for FLVS’s use of my Entry as described in these Rules.
    ● I understand that the Contest may be terminated by FLVS at its sole and complete discretion.
    ● I understand that my Entry may be disqualified by FLVS pursuant to the Rules.
    ● There are no agreements that might conflict with this Contest, the Assignment, and/or the Rules. I have the right and authority to enter this Contest, agree to the Rules, and execute the Assignment.
    ● I agree to defend, indemnify, and hold FLVS harmless against any claim, demand, fine, penalty, judgment, loss, expense, or liability that may be made against or incurred by FLVS by reason of the failure and/or falsity of any of the representations and warranties made by me upon my submission of my Entry, including, but not limited to, all costs, expenses, and legal fees (including but not limited to attorneys’ fees and costs).
    ● I understand and agree that this Agreement shall be binding on my successors, heirs, assigns, and representatives, including but not limited to my parent(s) and legal guardian(s) if I am under the age of eighteen.
    ● I understand and agree that FLVS may assign any of the rights granted to it in this Contest at its sole and complete discretion. 

10. Questions and Additional Information:

For questions or additional information regarding the Contest, please contact