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Florida Virtual School provides consultation services, courseware, and custom solutions to help you meet the unique needs of your student population.

Explore the options below to determine which one is right for you.

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Not In Florida? Solutions for Schools and Districts Outside of Florida:

We offer online learning solutions for schools and districts across the nation and world through FLVS Global. For more information on solutions available to schools and districts outside of Florida, visit the FLVS Global website.


1. Full Time Virtual Instruction Program (VIP):

Florida Virtual School is an approved provider of a full-time Virtual Instruction Program (VIP). The FLVS Full Time (FLVS FT) VIP program is a 180-day, comprehensive solution for public school students in grades kindergarten-12. To learn more about the program, visit

Contact your FLVS District Relations Manager.
140+ Courses

2. FLVS Franchise Opportunities for Public School Districts:

The FLVS Franchise model allows you to expand your curriculum while addressing challenges such as class-size reduction; scheduling conflicts; grade forgiveness; middle school promotion; and FTE recovery for homeschool, private school, and expelled students. Through administrative, curriculum, and technical support, FLVS will be there to guide you as you grow.

The Franchise Model offers you the ability to:

  • Pie Chart Use our courses and receive student support and teacher training
  • Book Use your own district teachers
  • Money Retain FTE, but pay $50/enrollment to FLVS
  • Calendar Offer a 365-day flexible or 180-day traditional school calendar

Currently, more than 55 Florida districts are franchise partners with FLVS

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3. Virtual Learning Labs & Blended Learning Communities

Virtual Learning Labs (VLLs) and Blended Learning Communities (BLCs) are a great opportunity to provide engaging, online curriculum to your students. Both offer innovative learning solutions to your school, including the ability to introduce new courses, fix scheduling conflicts, and provide opportunities for students to make up credits. VLLs and BLCs can provide your school with options where none existed before.

The primary difference between a BLC and VLL is the level of instructional support. In a VLL, instructional visits are recommended, but not required. Students work on a virtual course in a lab setting, while a facilitator monitors students and provides classroom management. In a BLC, instructional visits are expected. Direct instruction is provided synchronously or asynchronously in addition to the virtual course. Students receive regular instruction from their teacher and a facilitator in the lab provides classroom management in addition to direct instruction if he/she is a certified teacher.

In a both a VLL and BLC, FLVS provides both curriculum and highly-qualified, state-certified instructors, plus support and training for facilitators. Your school provides the facilitator (does not need to be a certified instructor), computer lab, and phone access for students, as well as a list of courses needed and student enrollments.

To learn more about starting a VLL or BLC, or for more information about some of the unique ways schools are using VLLs and BLCs to meet their specific needs.

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280+ Virtual Learning Labs

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4. Professional Development:

View the FLVS Professional Development Catalog and browse the FLVS Professional Development Offerings Calendar to see our full list of courses available to your school or district.

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5. Affiliate with Florida Virtual School:

By affiliating with Florida Virtual School, your students will have the opportunity to take FLVS courses in addition to your school or district courses.

Public & Charter Schools/Districts:

If you are not currently affiliated with FLVS, click here for the New Public and Charter Schools Form. Please note, in order to affiliate with FLVS, your school must be on the FLDOE MSID list and have an "active" status.

Contact your FLVS District Relations Manager.

Private Schools:

If you are not currently affiliated with FLVS, click here for the Private Schools Memorandum of Agreement. Once you review the agreement, email to begin your affiliation process. You will receive a link to complete the agreement online.

Contact your FLVS District Relations Manager.

Fulfilling the Digital Learning Act:

On June 2, 2011, Governor Rick Scott signed the Digital Learning Act into law as part of House Bill 7197. All incoming 9th grade students (class of 2015 and thereafter) in Florida must now complete one high school-level virtual course as a requirement for graduation. For more information and a summary of the bill, click here.

This requirement applies to students who are in the class of 2015 or any graduating class thereafter. Students and parents should talk to their school's counselor if they are still unsure. An online high school course taken in grades 6–8 fulfills this requirement. Click here to view our courses.

Florida Virtual School (FLVS®) offers more than 140 online courses, all FREE to Florida students! From core courses to electives, students can choose a course that fits their needs and interests. Click here to view our courses.

An online high school course taken as early as grades 6–8 fulfills this requirement. Click here to view our courses.

Students will be able to take their online course at home, on their own time. They are not required to take the online course at school. Click here to view our courses.

When a student completes their course, FLVS will provide them with a transcript. Students simply show that transcript to their guidance counselor who will handle the rest. Click here to view our courses.