University Partnerships

Faced with the rapid growth of online education, FLVS, the leader in online learning, realized its professional obligation and decided to open its doors in an effort to help preservice candidates prepare for the 21st century classroom.  FLVS’ University Partnerships offers a wide variety of opportunities from hosting education majors for a virtual classroom observation, a school counseling internship to a fully immersed clinical experience.

In spring 2009, FLVS established its first university partnership with the University of Central Florida. What began as a small seven-week pilot with six junior level interns has developed into an open-access field experience available to junior, senior and graduate level interns.

Placing your Interns with FLVS has its advantages:

  • FLVS can host most internship levels year round
  • FLVS can host any level of intern regardless if they are overseas or out of state
  • FLVS has over 140 courses and over 430 certified Clinical Educators
  • Interns may have flexible hours based on their specific instructional situation
  • The opportunity to apply Instructional strategies in a virtual and blended environment
  • Can engage in best practices tailored to meet State Accomplished Practices

How do universities get started?  Clinical Experience Directors can start the process by downloading one of the forms below:

  • Public Colleges and Universities in Florida
  • Private Colleges and Universities in Florida
  • Private Colleges and Universities Outside the State of Florida

Questions? Contact the Organizational Development Manager, Christine Conidis (