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Florida Virtual School Student from Ocala Graduates in Top 5 of Class

Jun 15, 2020

Florida Virtual School® (FLVS®), a statewide online public school district, is proud to recognize local Ocala resident, Marina Fernandes, for finishing in the top five of the FLVS Full Time Class of 2020. There are a projected 800 students in this year’s FLVS Full Time graduating class.

“FLVS has helped me have stability throughout my school career despite moving across the state, to areas without strong schools that did not provide access to rigorous courses, my education has stayed consistent and engaging,” said Fernandes. “If not for FLVS Full Time, I would never have been able to take dual enrollment courses at University of Florida, nor would I have been able to accumulate so much college credit. Because of the flexible nature of FLVS, I have also been able to receive a great education while also trying to run a small business, as well as engage in volunteering for my community.”

Fernandes, who was enrolled with FLVS Full Time since sixth grade, will continue her education by attending the University of Florida in Gainesville, FL. She plans to major in Computer Engineering. Fernandes added, “I plan to one day work in research, in order to create more efficient electronics for both consumer and professional markets.”

“We are so proud of the FLVS Full Time Class of 2020 and our top five GPA students. Congratulations to Marina and her classmates. Their amazing accomplishment is an example of how students can excel in online education,” said Robin Winder, Senior Director for Instruction at FLVS.  “As our graduates move forward with their next chapter, we hope the foundation they have built at FLVS will lead them to continue their success, whether it be in academics or the workforce.”

This year’s graduation ceremony will take place online with a YouTube premiere honoring the incredible achievements of FLVS Full Time students at on Thursday, June 18, 2020, at 4 p.m. Students can check out the FLVS Full Time Graduation page for exclusive content and Class of 2020 downloads.

Fernandes chose FLVS Full Time for her education, “due to my background in homeschooling; it let me keep the flexibility I enjoyed from my previous program, while also providing me with a richer educational experience - one with a significantly larger support group of teachers and other students.”

For more information on FLVS Full Time, please visit

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Florida Virtual School to Provide 100 Free Digital Courses to All Florida Schools

Mar 30, 2020

Following up on the direction of Governor Ron DeSantis and Commissioner Corcoran to continue education for Florida students, Florida Virtual School (FLVS®), will provide up to 100 free digital courses to all Florida schools for Florida students through the end of the school year. These courses are available to students in Kindergarten through 12th grade and will be hosted through select Learning Management Systems (LMS). An LMS system is a software application that many school districts throughout Florida utilize for the delivery of educational courses and training programs, such as Blackboard or Canvas.

The courses are developed by FLVS and include Mathematics, English Language Arts, History, Science, diverse electives, Advanced Placement, and Career & Technical Education courses that will be provided for free from March 25 through June 30, 2020.

“I applaud Governor Ron DeSantis for ensuring students have the ability to continue their education as we work together to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. I am proud of the work our team is doing to provide school districts, charter schools, and private schools with solutions and resources to keep Florida students on track with their education as we all navigate these unprecedented times together,” said Dr. Louis Algaze, President and CEO for FLVS. “FLVS is ramping up its platforms to make digital courses available to Florida districts and schools. The schedule for ramping up includes providing course access immediately to an additional 170,000 students; 320,000 students by March 31, 2020; 470,000 by April 17, 2020; and 2.7M students by May 4, 2020.”

“The most important thing we can do to help children through COVID-19 is to keep them safe, healthy, and give them the best possible education we can during these times. As the state turns to online learning, it is imperative that we work together to provide resources that support our families, teachers, and school leaders. I want to thank Dr. Algaze and his team for providing solutions that ensure students have the least disruption to their education,” said Commissioner of Education Richard Corcoran.

FLVS digital courses will be made available on the following LMS platforms: Blackboard (Ultra and v9.1), Buzz, Canvas, Brightspace (v9, v10), Moodle, and Schoology.

Each Florida school district, charter school, and private school can select up to 100 digital courses to serve their students. This emergency service is only valid for new student enrollments related to COVID-19 school disruptions. The service is limited to course content only and does not include course assessments. Public school districts, charter schools and private schools must contract with FLVS prior to May 31, 2020. Additional service fees and restrictions may apply to services beyond access to digital courses.

For more information or to request this educational emergency service, Florida district administrators should visit and contact their FLVS District Relations Manager.

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Florida Virtual School Develops New Online Learning Community for Families and Teachers

Mar 27, 2020

Florida Virtual School (FLVS®) launched a new Online Learning Community for online educators who teach students in grades Kindergarten-12 and for parents whose children take online courses. Designed to enhance the online learning experience, the FLVS Online Learning Community offers best practices and training for Kindergarten-12 parents, teachers and administrators.

The free digital resources include videos, articles and informative content for:

  • Parents who teach their children as the primary home educator.
  • Teachers who are new to teaching online or want to advance or share tips with others.
  • School administrators who wish to start an online program in their school district or enhance their existing programs.

With content created for individual or school district needs, the FLVS Online Learning Community provides multiple educational tracks and subject areas, including:

  • Online Learning 101: videos and other resources designed to help students, parents and teachers explore the world of online learning
  • Courses for educators with pre-recorded webinars and training courses, including technology and educational systems
  • Live workshops and webinars from FLVS trainers, learning specialists and school counselors to support online teachers and parents
  • Emergency training for educators moving to online learning due to unexpected circumstances such as COVID-19 or natural disasters

“Many students and teachers use online education tools every day. However, we understand that for many educators, the required shift to virtual learning amid uncertain times might feel overwhelming,” said Dr. Louis Algaze, President and CEO of FLVS. “The FLVS Online Learning Community will give all educators, whether teachers, parents or administrators, with resources they need, and offers an online community where they can ask questions, connect with others, and feel confident as they continue to educate students.”

Educators are also invited to participate in a LinkedIn group where they can share best practices and exchange useful information. To learn more about the FLVS Online Learning Community, parents and educators can visit

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Florida Virtual School Offering School Districts Teacher Training to Prepare for Online Learning Environment in the Event of School Closures

Mar 12, 2020

As mentioned in Governor Ron DeSantis’ press briefing on Monday, March 9, 2020, and at the direction of Governor DeSantis, Florida Virtual School (FLVS) has partnered with the Florida Department of Education to offer all school districts student support and teacher professional development tailored to the online learning environment.

While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has ruled Florida is at a low-risk, Florida is in a constant state of preparation to respond to COVID-19. As a precautionary measure, FLVS is offering virtual teacher training to accommodate Florida school districts that wish to train their teachers in the FLVS online platform in the event teachers need to temporarily move to an online environment. The training course, Virtual Teacher Training for COVID-19, will be offered online, with FLVS live support. 

The Florida Department of Education has an immediate goal of training an additional 10,000 teachers statewide on the Virtual Teacher Training for COVID-19. Superintendents who are interested in offering their teachers the Virtual Teacher Training for COVID-19 should work with their county virtual principals to provide a list of teachers to FLVS through:

The Florida Department of Education is also offering $200 stipends to teachers, strategically identified in partnership with Florida’s school district superintendents, when those teachers complete the training.  Superintendents will determine which teachers will be eligible for the training, and this training may also qualify for teacher professional development.

The six-hour course is designed to be self-guided, with the opportunity to attend live online lessons to learn the training material, ask questions and collaborate with others. The robust course features four modules that cover key components of teaching in an online environment using FLVS curriculum and platforms. Topic areas include FLVS best practices of teaching online, FLVS technology systems, and FLVS procedures. FLVS trainers, who will be available throughout the course to answer questions, will conduct a skill assessment at the end of the course.

Teachers who complete the training successfully can apply the new skills to teach at their district’s County Virtual Schools that are an existing FLVS Franchise. FLVS Franchise schools use FLVS digital curriculum, Learning Management System, and Student Information System.

“As a precautionary measure, we will be fully prepared to help students stay on track with their education. FLVS is prepared to partner with Florida school districts to train thousands of Florida teachers with our online training course in order to quickly support all the school districts with additional resources,” said Dr. Louis Algaze, President and CEO for FLVS. “FLVS District Relations Managers will be in contact with school districts to offer the training services.”

“While we recognize that Florida’s students are resilient and at a low-risk for COVID-19, it is critical we plan, prepare, and work together to ensure students have the least disruption to their education, if necessary. A critical component of preparation is to ensure Florida teachers and school leaders are supported and given opportunities to continue providing a high-quality education, should the need arise. I want to thank Dr. Algaze and his team for stepping up to the plate and proactively offering statewide support to our teachers and school district leadership,” said Commissioner of Education Richard Corcoran.

In addition to teacher training, FLVS is increasing its server capacity, within its existing resources, to accommodate up to 400,000 new full-time students by the end of April, including quickly adding capacity for FLVS to serve 120,000 new full-time students by the end of March. This added capacity will serve students through either existing County Virtual School partnerships established through FLVS franchises or directly through FLVS. While the CDC has ruled Florida is at a low-risk, the actions of FLVS will ensure there is increased capacity to serve Florida’s entire education community, if necessary.

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Florida Virtual School Announces 2021 Teacher of the Year

Feb 13, 2020

Florida Virtual School (FLVS), a statewide online public school district, is proud to announce the FLVS representative for the Florida Department of Education’s 2021 Teacher of the Year program is Melissa Martin. She was selected as the 2021 FLVS Teacher of the Year from more than 1,700 instructors. Martin, an FLVS Full Time Middle School math teacher, has a passion for helping each of her students not only to succeed in math, but to enjoy it as well. 

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