New Florida Virtual School Courses Focus on Increasing Engagement and Helping Students Prepare for Their Future

Jun. 7, 2022

Courses include Digital Art Imaging, Health Science Foundations, Hebrew 2, and More, Giving Students the Choice to Learn About What Interests Them

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To give students more choice in what and how they like to learn, Florida Virtual School is launching new courses for the 2022-23 school year with an emphasis on elective courses that allow students to discover their passions and interests before heading off to college and/or the workforce.

More than two years after the COVID-19 pandemic began, educators agree that student engagement is critical to their achievement and success. In fact, according to a survey by the EdWeek Research Center, after the first half of the 2021-22 school year, Kindergarten-12th grade student motivation and morale were significantly lower than they were prior to the pandemic for several reasons, including low engagement.

Additional research confirms the positive impact providing courses that align with students’ interests has on their engagement. Author and award-winning middle school teacher Heather Wolpert-Gawron conducted a nationwide survey of sixth-12th graders to understand what engages them most as learners. The top response was student choice. And, according to education researcher Robert Marzano, choice “has also been linked to increases in student effort, task performance, and subsequent learning.”

The new Florida Virtual School courses are a mix of career and technical education, art, accelerated, and World Languages that give students the time and space they need to explore what interests them and what they want to do after high school. The courses are now open for enrollment, tuition-free for Florida students, and include:

New Career and Technical Education Courses (High School-Level):

  • Accounting Applications 1 - Students will learn the basics of accounting, which can help them start and run a business, get a head start in college courses, and teach them how to create a personal budget. The course also focuses on transferable skills in communication, ethics, problem solving, organizational skills, and time management. Plus, students have the opportunity to earn an industry certification in QuickBooks. Accounting Applications 1 is part of the Finance Program of Study and is an Honors level course.
  • Health Science Foundations - For students who have a passion for helping people, this is the perfect course to learn what it takes to be a healthcare professional. Students will learn first aid skills, what it means to have a healthy lifestyle, explore the responsibilities of healthcare professionals, and more. Health Science Foundations is part of the Allied Health Assisting Program of Study and is an Honors level course.
  • Introduction to the Teaching Profession - Designed to explore what it takes to be a teacher, students can discover the technical and soft skills needed to become a professional educator, and get field experience in a variety of settings. Introduction to the Teaching Profession is part of the Principles of Teaching Program of Study.
  • Technology for Hospitality and Tourism - This course focuses on how technology impacts the tourism industry. Students will learn the computer technology and computer-related skills necessary to succeed in tourism. Students can also earn an E-commerce Specialist certification. Technology for Hospitality and Tourism is part of the Hospitality and Tourism Management Program of Study.

New Art Courses:

  • M/J Digital Art and Design 1 - Students transfer their art skills from a sketchbook to the computer screen and create digital still images in this middle school course. Using computers, digital cameras, digital software and more, students can create original work and measure their artistic growth through the critique process and hands-on activities.
  • Digital Art Imaging 1 - Everyday students interact with digital art, and in this high school course, students can learn how to create it by exploring the fundamental concepts, tools, and techniques of digital imaging. This course fulfills a performing/fine art requirement for graduation.

New World Language Course:

  • Hebrew 2 - Florida Virtual School has expanded its extensive World Language catalog and the Hebrew Program with the addition of Hebrew 2. This high school-level course builds on student’s listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills acquired in Hebrew 1 while exploring Israeli culture around the globe.

New Cambridge Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) Courses: *Only available for FLVS Full Time students in grades 9-10.

  • Cambridge AICE Environmental Management AS - FLVS Full Time high school students who are ready to build a brighter and more sustainable future can learn research methods, scientific processes, how to evaluate strategies, and create solutions to take on the global problems facing humanity in this course.
  • Cambridge AICE Media Studies AS - From printed newspapers to podcasts, FLVS Full Time high school students can uncover the impact of media across cultures and daily life in this course. Students can also develop a deeper understanding of international media by engaging with a variety of media products and concepts.

Florida Virtual School offers full-time and part-time flexible options for grades Kindergarten-12. Students have access to more than 190 courses – including core, elective/specials, World Languages, Advanced Placement, and Career and Technical Education courses – all tuition-free for Florida residents and taught by state-certified teachers using award-winning curriculum developed specifically for the online learning environment to facilitate student success. Plus, students can participate in more than 60 clubs from gardening, to coding, and more.

Enrollment for the FLVS Full Time option is now open, while families that would like to incorporate one or more individual online courses as part of their education plan for the upcoming school year, can enroll in FLVS Flex year-round. Students outside of Florida can also enroll through FLVS Global School; visit for more information.

To learn more about FLVS Full Time, FLVS Flex and other options, visit

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