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 About FLVS Global 

Florida Virtual Global Services was created in the 2000 Florida state legislative session, answering a call for a separate division within Florida Virtual School (FLVS) to serve needs outside of Florida. As a not-for-profit institution now known as FLVS Global, our revenues are reinvested in FLVS, earmarked for research and development, in order to maintain the highest quality courses and products available to benefit students everywhere.

For more than a decade, FLVS Global has provided courseware, training, and expertise to a variety of online programs at the school, district, and state level. We have helped to design and implement some of the most successful online programs today, including state programs in North Carolina, Alabama, Virginia, Mississippi, Kentucky, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, New Jersey, South Carolina, and Michigan. Additionally, current FLVS Global students reside in all 50 states and in 57 other countries worldwide.

The products and services offered via FLVS Global have been developed through the voices of our clients interested in implementing online programs. Each product is a result of developing a customized solution to meet specific needs for students around the world. These products include:

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