Rhetorical Devices in Detail

Accepting learning challenges and making the decision to succeed in any course are attributes you must possess or develop quickly in this environment.  Are you up to the challenge?  Before continuing, consider carefully the characteristics of advanced students and good test takers listed below. While basic and simple, their importance cannot be over-emphasized.
Two of the most important characteristics of an advanced student are:

  • The willingness to adapt to a variety of learning settings
  • Developing the ability to demonstrate mastery of the learning material, especially in a timed testing environment.

inbox imageTest Prep Journal

Becoming a good test taker requires learning many skills and applying them repeatedly for practice.  For this reason:

  • You want to place your mnemonic device list of the 16 rhetorical devices on the Observe page in your Test Prep journal in section 2.
  • It is a good idea to keep the list in your workspace and refer to if often as you work through the course.

For the second part of the lesson, you will preview and practice identifying a few more rhetorical devices that you will learn and use as you progress through the course.

Open and print the Expanded Rhetorical Devices page, containing those devices you will study throughout the course. Review the definition for each device and visit Rhetorical Devices at VirtualSalt.com to view examples for the devices that have an asterisk (*).

Go to Quia's Literary Terms - Matching Term with the Example and choose the matching option.

  • Complete five games of the matching of the literary terms.
  • Make a list of those terms or devices that you missed.
  • Write the definition for the terms you missed.
  • Then access the "list of terms" from the quiz page and write the example given for that particular term.